Adrian Phillips Jersey

The Los Angeles Chargers are one of the deepest and most entertaining teams to watch in the National Football League. Last season, the Chargers had the joint-best record in the NFL and had some of the most entertaining wins as a result.

The front office has done an excellent job at building in the draft and has given Philip Rivers arguably his most all-around talented core to contend for a Super Bowl. Granted, that 2006 team was insanely talented with LaDainian Tomlinson, but from top to bottom, these Chargers might be the best.

Just because the team is talented though does not mean that every player is properly evaluated. Some players are overrated, some are underrateed, with some examples being more extreme than others.

We saw a thread on Twitter where every fan listed their favorite team’s most overrated and underrated player (which we now cannot find for the life of us) and decided we wanted to get in on the fun.

We saw someone mention that Joey Bosa was the most overrated player on the Los Angeles Chargers. And while we get the logic behind that choice, Bosa is still a menace at defensive end when he is healthy and on the field.

Instead, we are going to go with someone that was actually an All-Pro last season in Adrian Phillips. It might seem completely contradictory to pick an All-Pro as the team’s most overrated player, but hear me out.

Phillips was elite, that is why he was voted as an All-Pro. However, he was elite on special teams, which is where his All-Pro honors are.

Phillips certainly made an impact on the defense and makes the team better, but it is the All-Pro honors that have completely inflated his worth in the eyes of the fans.

Some act as if his All-Pro honors are for his defensive efforts, which is not the case at all. He is a dang good special teams guy, though.